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Talk of the Moment - April 2024

Have you seen this article on The Straits Times? On 25 March 2024, It is reported that Singapore may be hotter in 2024 than 2023 due to the lingering effects of El Nino. Shortly after, millions of people across South and South-east Asia sweltered through unusually hot weather on April 25, and the Thai government reported that  at least 30 people have already died from heatstroke in 2024.  A wave of exceptionally hot weather has blasted this week across many countries in South and Southeast Asia. Singapore is not spared as well. The sweltering heat can dampen events and it also makes the work of those working under the sun even tougher.

At Kian Lee Seng, we offer various cooling solutions to mitigate these problems. We have a large inventory of air coolers available for rental, and our tentage can be air-conditioned to reduce the discomfort experienced by participants of the events and users of the tentage. Our air coolers can also be deployed to indoor event venues where you are holding your event. Our current mission – to provide a more comfortable setting for your event and users in this extreme weather. Explore our air cooler rental solutions. Explore how our air coolers work here.

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