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Reliable and effective solutions for tent rental services, chairs and tables, electrical equipment, licensing and installation services in Singapore

We construct tentage for rental and purchase, provide comprehensive logistics rental solutions for various needs. Whether you require short-term or long-term rental and usage, we are committed to delivering reliable and effective services tailored to your requirements.

Why Choose Kian Lee Seng?

Safety First, As Always

At Kian Lee Seng, we prioritise safety and reliability in all our event logistics rental services in Singapore. With decades of experience, we have become the go-to choice for clients seeking dependable and effective solutions. Our diverse clientele includes government bodies, event management firms, corporations, non-profit organizations, grassroots groups, as well as construction and marine companies. Trust us to provide the highest standards of service and safety for all your event needs.

Table with table cloth, plastic chair with chair cover

Leading Chairs and Tables Rental Provider

Elevate the ambiance of your events with our comprehensive chairs and tables rental services. Whether you are hosting a graduation ceremony, school function, corporate talk, seminar, construction site event, or staff rest area setup, we offer a diverse selection of quality chairs, tables, and linens. Visit our chairs and rental services page to explore our extensive inventory and enhance your event with our reliable rental solutions.

Comprehensive Tentage Rental Services

Ensure the success of your events with our top-notch tentage rental services. From groundbreaking ceremonies and school functions to corporate events and construction sites, Kian Lee Seng has got you covered. Our comprehensive range of tentage solutions caters to various needs, including temporary pool works and staff rest areas.

Tentage rental for groundbreaking
Kian Lee Seng Thermography Service - Sample image

Experienced in Temporary Electrical Supply Installation

Kian Lee Seng is not just about tents and furniture; we are also highly experienced in providing temporary electrical supply and installation for events or sites. Our team understands the unique electrical requirements of different events and collaborates closely with clients to develop robust distribution systems. We prioritise the use of quality cables, distribution boxes, and connectors to ensure a seamless flow of power, minimizing disruptions. Additionally, our licensed electrical worker (LEW) services and EMA supply installation licenses demonstrate our commitment to safety and reliability.

Our Commitment – Understanding Customers’ Needs

At Kian Lee Seng, our unwavering commitment to understanding customers’ needs sets us apart in the industry. We understand that product descriptions, especially tentage related services, can be rather technical and to some, even confusing. You will be glad to know we created this space to showcase our product and services in the most straight-forward manner – that is, in pictures. Visit our gallery and our products page for some inspirations. Choose Kian Lee Seng for a seamless blend of experience, reliability, and safety in event logistics and rental services. Partner us, and let’s make your next event a resounding success!

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Explore Singapore’s reliable event logistics provider

Kian Lee Seng Chairs & Tables Rental Pte Ltd is backed by over three decades of experience servicing clients from government bodies, event managers, private corporations, non-profit organisation, grassroots groups, construction and marine firms, etc.

We are experienced in event logistics, construction and marine temporary shelters, event tentage and stage, carpeting, tables and chairs rental, electrical installation and consultancy, amongst others. Our clients trust us with their events and we deliver with unrivalled reliability. Kian Lee Seng strives to meet your needs for both short-term and long-term rental. We aim to provide our clients a range of logistics required, reducing their hassle of contacting multiple suppliers and freeing up their time for the other details in the planning of their event.