Witness the diverse range of spaces that we had the privilege to enhance with our event logistics rental solutions. From intimate gatherings to large-scale events, each project showcases our dedication to provide your event with the logistics that you need. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your upcoming event or curious about the scope of our capabilities, this page offers just a glimpse into the transformative power of our event logistics services. Chat with us today to find out more on the projects we have taken on and what we can offer.

At Kian Lee Seng, we deliver to all places in Singapore within our ability and resources. We have also taken on overseas projects.

Our mission – turning every space into an event space or usable space.

Our Portfolio

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Kian Lee Seng Table and Chair Set Up

Event logistics set up in school hall

Tentage for sports events in school fields

cushion chair rental

Chair rental for formal events in school auditoriums

Table rental for examination in school compounds

Table with table cloth, plastic chair with chair cover

Chairs and tables for school graduation ceremony

GS table with black spandex cover

Table rental for career fairs in an auditorium

Kian Lee Seng - Theatre Chairs

Chair rental and set up for university graduation event

Chairs rental and landscaping set up for new course introduction in a university

Long tables and chairs rental and set up in school sports hall

Stage with grey carpeting and red skirting

Stage rental for scouts event in a school parade square

Tentage set up at swimming pool area for a competition

Storage tent rental for props storage

Banquet tables and chairs set up for graduation event in an auditorium

Tentage set up at a school parade square for a celebratory event

Tables and chairs set up in a sports hall for flea market booth in an international school

Multi-colour bulb lighting

Multi-colour bulb lighting set up for mid-autumn festival celebration in school

Chairs rental with arrangement services for a parents’ briefing in school

Full carpeting and chairs set up in a pharmeceutical medical production facility

Kian Lee Seng Seminar / Training Logistics

Seminar style tables and chairs set up for training event

Air-conditioned tent as a rest area for workers in a medical production facility

Tentage set up for product launch at facility carpark

Kian Lee Seng Industrial Tentage

A shaped tent set up at a workshop

Tentage with inner lining for a corporate event at Halliburton

Tentage as a temporary shelter checkpoint

Stage and artificial landscaping set up at corporate event hall

Tentage rental for a product launch

Tentage rental near Tuas jetty

Chairs and tables rental of a training event

Blue canvas A shaped tentage as workers rest shed

Temporary canteen tentage rental

Tentage as a temporary holding area for vehicles

Dome shaped tentage

Dome tent rental for festival and cultural celebrations

Gazebo tent rental for awareness and product introduction events

Dome tent for groundbreaking at a construction site rooftop

Tentage and accessories – breaking the ground for Jurong Fire Station

Full event logistics set up for groundbreaking ceremony

Tentage and planking with carpeting for ST Electronics groundbreaking event

Pratt & Whitney Canada Creating PT6C-67C Overhaul Line In Singapore – Groundbreaking tentage

Groundbreaking tentage for CEEC & Sembcorp for renewal energy project in Jurong Island

Punggol TownHub Groundbreaking Ceremony

Tentage rental for groundbreaking

Groundbreaking tentage for Maersk World Gateway 2 distribution center in Singapore

Groundbreaking for condominium construction

Chinese New Year Banquet Celebration

Transparent dome tent for National Day Dinner Celebration

School Anniversary Celebration

Round table set up for a banquet at a sheltered area

Rectangle table set up for a large scale corporate durian feast event

Transparent dome tent

Banquet set up for National Day Celebration

Banquet set up at a rented indoor venue

Dome shaped tentage

Tentage set up for a cultural festival

Kian Lee Seng Wedding Set Up

Banquet set up for wedding at a rented indoor venue