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For groundbreaking

Exhibition panel: 1mW x 2.4mH

Each panel measures 1mW x 2.4mH Suitable for all exhibitions of all scale

For workshops, seminars, talks

Full round tables and chairs set up

Mobile toilet, sink and refrigerator

Accessible toilet

Sound and Visual System

Lighted Balloon with Artwork

Sound and Visual System

Tripod screen : 8ft x 8ft

Screen size : 8ft x 8ft

Sound and Visual System

Projector Screen: 7.5ft x 10ft

Screen size: 7.5ft x 10ft

Sound and Visual System

Projector Screen : 9ft x 16ft

Screen size: 9-ft x 16-ft

Sound and Visual System

LED TV c/w stand

Elevate your event with the mesmerizing artistry of the Lion and Dragon Dance Troop


Glass door chiller


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