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Organising a groundbreaking event is a significant undertaking that involves meticulous planning and coordination to ensure its success. Whether you’re launching a new construction project, breaking ground on a development, or marking a milestone in your organisation, Kian Lee Seng is able to provide you logistics rental services to make your groundbreaking event a success. We are able to provide your ceremonial groundbreaking area with tentage, golden shovels, hard hats, stage, rostrum, groundbreaking pit and many other necessary items. Contact us and we can plan together.

For groundbreaking

Groundbreaking sandpit

Our stainless steel shovel serves as an elegant choice for a groundbreaking ceremony. These shovels comes in smaller sized, tailored for ease of handling and wielding. Despite their petite size, the polished look ensures the ceremonial significance and sophistication is uncompromised.


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