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Tentage rental for a temporary workers’ rest area offers a practical and comfortable solution to provide a designated space for relaxation and breaks. These tents can be set up on construction sites, event venues, or any location in Singapore where temporary workers need a dedicated area to rest. They can be equipped with lights and amenities like fans or air coolers, contributing to the well-being of workers, promoting a more efficient and comfortable work environment. It’s a cost-effective way to address the essential need of space for workers during their breaks.

Tentage for temporary workers' rest area

Tentage as temporary workers’ rest area

A rest area tentage set up in a suitable location allows staff to take a break from the heat. Our UV-proof roof fabrics provide a cool hideout for your workers, giving them a much-needed rest and complying with MOM's requirements. This way, the staff stay healthy and and the employers stay compliant.


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